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Corporate clients

IP telephony operators can buy, sell and exchange VoIP traffic on favorable terms.
Public call office owners can buy VoIP traffic at favorable prices and sell it to end users at their own prices. A web interface is provided to manage settings and view financial records on public call offices.
Resellers can buy VoIP traffic and resell it to operators, public call offices, and subscribers. Administrative interface is provided to manage users, buy and sell prices, and view reports.

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A subscriber can make calls by IP telephony at favorable prices. Please fill in the form to register.



You equipment needs to comply with the following requirements in order to work with BuySellVoip correctly:
- support one of the following protocols: SIP or H.323;
- support one of the following codecs: g.729, g.723, g.711 for voice, and protocol T.38 for fax;
- the routers you use should be connected to outer networks by way of digital interfaces (ISDN, SS7);
- Internet connection at least at 26 Kb/s;
- transmit and receive UDP/RTP packets from any IP addresses;
- transmit and receive packets for BuySellVoip IP addresses, specified in Services Agreement.

BuySellVoip supports a wide range of equipment of SIP or H.323 open standars of different manufacturing companies, including:

  • Cisco Systems
  • Samsung Electronics
  • HS Teleann
  • Intel
  • Vocord Telecom
  • Lucent Technologies
  • Grandstream
  • C&S Technologies
  • Network System Groups
  • and other.

If you are not sure whether your equipment is compatible, please send us your enquiry, and we will set a time with you to test your connection.

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