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на 27-09-2020


 ESI has chosen to develop its VOIP IPBX solution GNU based and provided additional developments for strong integration of VOIP with M1 for our customers. So the following features have been integrated:

- Kesix control for making outgoing calls on SIP trunks or incoming calls,
- Cluster function to allow a business continuity plan on the Telecom
- IAX function to facilitate telecom interconnection between CTS and OMCs
- Telephony and supervision alarms of IPBX in F1COM protocol between Kesix and M1,
- Traceability of Kesix telephony actions and states in M1,
- Recording of calls and listening to M1 for streams not passing through F1 / RC1.
- Statistical module adapted to the operational needs of the STCs.
- Integration of live call monitoring on the ESI DashBoard,
- Connection feature between a caller and a an external service provider, with operator exit from the conversation and stop of the recording.
This makes it the most integrated VOIP telephony product in our software suite to optimize the operational processing of the central station.

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