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на 27-09-2020


 The North American mobile ecosystem stands on the verge of a huge opportunity. The way enterprises communicate with employees, partners and consumers is changing. They all want real-time, two-way communication. Texting (SMS and MMS) is at the center of that growing demand as enterprises and their CPaaS providers are increasingly integrating texting into various customer engagement and collaboration solutions.

In this white paper, tyntec puts forth a proposal to build a robust system that makes it easy for enterprises to connect with today’s consumers — and enables telecom operators to participate in a new interconnected global messaging ecosystem that fills the gap between person-to-person messaging and application-to-person messaging over short codes.

Key benefits of the new ecosystem include:

• Makes messaging simple, fast and safe for enterprises

• Opens up vast new revenue streams for operators

• Meets consumer expectations for verifiable two-way communication with brands

The time has come for the North American messaging community to reimagine how two-way messaging can help enterprises connect with today’s consumers – and make it easy to integrate next generation channels such as RCS.



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