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What is VoiP technology about?

IP telephony is about intercity and interstate communications conducted through the Internet using telephone servers. On one side the server is connected to the telephone line, and on the other - to the Internet. Thus, a user can talk using accessories of a computer connected to the global Internet or an IP phone/adaptor.
In the latter case, an IP phone digitalizes the signal, considerably compresses it, divides it into packets and sends it through the Internet according to the routing using an Internet protocol (TCP/IP).
Thus when you are making a call through an IP telephony operator network, outwardly things go just the same way as they do when you use a regular phone. You pick up the receiver, dial a number and get connected to the subscriber you are calling to.
In terms of technology, the connection is made through the Internet, where an IP telephony operator's server digitalizes your voice into high performance signal and transmits it via the network. The greater Internet channel speed is, the better is the conversation quality.

Traffic gets interrupted. What could be the reason?

Possible reasons:
- the term of your termination bid could be over;
- your traffic sell bid was rejected by Automated Qualification System (AQS) on the ground of improper service quality; the service testing is done every day at 24:00 GMT;
- the communications network management switched you equipment to TEST mode because your equipment settings do not meet Member's equipment configuration requirements.

Why has our equipment switched to TEST mode?

Possible reasons:
- termination of the direction you represent is not done properly, and this is why your termination bid was removed from the communications network;
- it automatically switches to TEST mode after you changed your equipment registration information.

Few calls come in to our equipment, and in the past they were very many. What could be the reason?

It could be because of the price insrease you recently made for the direction you terminate, and so the number of people willing to buy this direction at a greater price has decreased.

QUESTIONS ON IP phone settings

What channel speed is required to provide standard quality level of your service?
You need to have an Internet access channel speed of at least 64 Kbit/sec each way to be able to connect to our service.

Will phones work through a firewall?
Yes, with the proper firewall settings; you can get advice at our customer support service.

No tones after dialing?
Please dial once more.

Short tones after dialing?
Please dial once more. The intercity line could be busy.

How do I reboot my IP phone?
IP phone is rebooted by way of turning power off and on.

What do I do if all cables are connected correctly, the phone is in order, but there is no tone?
Please check the following:
- If your IP phone is connected to the Internet through a firewall, you need to configure your firewall to allow incoming and outgoing traffic of your phone through UDP protocol and ports 5000 - 65534.
- If you IP phone is connected to a LAN using a non-announced (private) IP address, you need to turn on the address translation (NAT) at the router through which your LAN is connected to the Internet for your phone to work.
- If NAT is used to connect your IP phone to the Internet, please pay special attention to your phone manual information: some models (Cisco ATA-186, Vizufon CIP4500) do not have the NAT auto detection function and require that some settings be configured manually to work with NAT!


When registering my equipment, the information is not received by the web interface of the communications network.

Possible reasons:
- mandatory registration fields have not been filled in;
- improper formatting when filling in the fields.

What port do I specify?

You need to specify port 1720.

What GMT time do I need to specify?
You need to specify the time zone where your equipment is located (in minutes).

What country and city codes do I need to specify?
You need to specify the country and city codes where your equipment is located.

What is 'Dial As'?
This is the numeric character set which is to come to your equipment when you receive a call to a specific subscriber (Å.164 is the default international format). For instance, a subscriber's telephone number in Moscow.

7 - the country code;
495 - Moscow code;
1# - the equipment technical prefix
For Moscow termination your equipment is to receive the following numeric character set:
1#70951234567 to call Moscow.

Our equipment contains an ID number. What is it for?
An ID is the identification number of your equipment which is displayed along with your termination bid.

What does the word 'Mode' in the list of the equipment we have registered stand for?
It tells what purposes your equipment is used for. SELL & BUY tells that this equipment can be used both for termination and origination. BUY ONLY means that this equipment can be used for origination only.


What price do I specify in the bid?
The price specified in a direction termination bid is final and includes all Member's expenses, including his/her taxes, fees and charges equated to them, as well commission of the VoIP Exchange communications network.

How do I specify the ASR value?
You cannot specify any ASR value because this value is automatically generated by the following formula: ASR = sessions completed / attempts * 100


When direction offers are displayed, what do the multicolored dots stand for?

The multicolored dots show what codecs a center supports when terminating in this direction. If you put your cursor at one of the dots and wait a little bit, a tip - a codec name - will appear:
blue - g723
green - g729
yellow - gsm
red - g711

What price do I quote in the bid?
When quoting a price for a direction origination bid, please consider that your price does not include the commission of the VoIP Exchange communications network.

What ASR value do I specify in the bid?
You are to specify the quality parameter value according to which termination bids with ASR quality equal or exceeding the specified value will be selected for you.

What does 'er byy price, by ASR' stand for?
Here the termination bid selection principle for your origination bid is determined. In other words, on what basis termination bids will be selected: either by price (starting with the smallest and further on ascending), or by ASR (beginning with bids with the biggest number of serviced attempts and ending with bids with the smallest number of serviced attempts).


What is an origination bid for?
In your origination bid you specify the price at which (and not any higher) you are ready to buy a direction, and ASR is the limit value of the qualitative factor, that is the quality you expect.

Why cannot I make any calls?
Possible reasons:
- when authorizing you use the wrong login or password (when working through SIP protocol) or IP- äðåñ (when working through protocol H.323);

- you have run out of money at your personal account;
- not all of your equipment settings meet Member's configuration requirements.

How do I select directions when buying traffic?
Softswitch selects the bids which meet your requirements (you quote the maximum price, minimal ASR factor and selection criterion). In other words, those termination bids are selected which:
- are less or equal in price to the price you quoted;
- by ASR equal or more than the value you specified;
- the selection takes place by price (starting with the smallest price) or by ASR (staring from the biggest value).

At what price will the transaction be conducted?

The transaction will be conducted at the price which will not be higher than in the origination bid and with the quality (ASR%) not worse than that in the bid too.

Does it matter what equipment we will use for origination from the list of registered equipment?

Origination bids are effective for all registered equipment.


We placed a termination bid, and there is no traffic?

Possible reasons:
- a bid can stay enqueued to be processed by GRP (Global Routing Procedure) during 4 hours, and thus such bid has not yet been published for other Members;
- the 'Prefix' and 'Dial As' were not given correctly, and thus your equipment is not receiving calls;
- not all of your equipment settings meet Member's equipment configuration requirements;
- a high price was quoted.

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